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our build process

Connect and consult

We meet with all stakeholders, general contractors and consultants in order to understand the scope of the project as well as time and budget expectations.

Pre-Bid Review

We perform a deep dive into plans, permitting restrictions, site data and any other information we can get our hands on. This allows us to generate a list of questions and clarifications (RFI) needed to estimate or manage the construction.


Using tech tools with our in-house craftsmen, curated subcontractors, and industry partners, we build in-depth comprehensive estimates to review with our clients.


Drawings and specs submitted to engineering partners, permit applications are sent, and we meet with all parties and stakeholders prior to breaking ground.


Design and build teams work seamlessly together, maintaining frequent communication between all parties in order to bring our clients' dream resorts become a reality.


We provide regular progress updates in order to provide clients with peace of mind and confidence that their project is in good hands.


Through the construction and check-in process, we work with contractors, partners and clients to maintain a list of quality control action-items.

Life Cycle Support

We provide warranty and preventative maintenance services to ensure that your private resort remains beautiful and functional for many years to come.

many different disciplines
one simple mission

From pools to shade structures, massive trees to sprawling meadows, our experienced in-house team and industry partners help bring incredible exterior spaces to life one detail at a time.


While trees, plants and grasses are likely the first thing that people think of when they hear “land”, to provide a complete result, it encompasses so much more. Elements such as patios, retaining walls and planters frequently grace our projects while drainage systems, infrastructure and foundations provide a key supporting role.


From natural waterfalls, ponds, pools, and architectural fountains to rain water capture and irrigation, water is often at the core of each and every project we build. As water preservation becomes increasingly important, we remain up-to-date on best practices to ensure a sustainable project for years to come. 


Installing lighting at a high level requires a near-equal mix of art, science and technology. This delicate blend requires a robust foundation in electrical fundamentals, light science, horticulture, tree care, masonry and so much more. The boundaries between technician and artist are often blurred, creating beautiful and lasting results for years to follow.


If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space at your private estate, we’d love to talk with you.

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