Resort style living awaits!

It’s your last day at your favorite Boutique Resort in the Seychelles. Despite a luxurious 10 days basking in the sun and dining Alfresco by the pool, you can’t help but avoid the all too common thought of “I wish we didn’t have to go home.” You board your flight and already the post vacation doldrums are starting to set in by the time you find your seat. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if I told you that you could transform your luxury home into a private custom catered resort that suits your lifestyle and is better than five stars? My name is Kellan with Land Water Light where we help luxury homeowners achieve resort style living. This first video in our series is designed to explain who we are, what our passion is, and how you can achieve resort style living right at home. So let’s get started. 

My journey began quite early. I grew up in two family businesses. My dad was a builder and a contractor who often did development projects I was asked to help on a frequent basis doing everything from shingling to concrete work to some steel work, and pretty much everything in between. My mom ran a landscape company which evolved to be what Land Water Light is today. At the time we were mostly doing smaller projects that were planting heavy and in kind of that mid tier private residential space over time. The joke was if I didn’t go to college, I’d end up in the family business. Well, to everyone’s surprise, I got a degree in landscape architecture from Texas A&M, and it forever changed the trajectory of both companies as well as my life in general. 

I started out understanding that I wanted to do bigger projects. So I researched and explored and we started getting bigger and bigger commercial type projects and multifamily. We’re doing a lot of amenities and amazing spaces but the challenge that I had was oftentimes they were more about flash than substance due to various reasons and budget constraints. And typically I just wasn’t enjoying that work. I remember getting our first luxury residence and thinking, hey, this is actually something I’m really enjoyed doing and we’re getting to do some really cool things on this project that I hadn’t been able to actually achieve in the commercial space. As we started developing more potential. We started getting more of those projects and that’s where Land Water Light began. 

Land Water light is not really a landscape company. It’s not a pool company. It’s not a lighting company. It’s really a combination of high end design, and expertise, construction materials and methods, as well as a concierge feel to cater to our key clients that need all three of those things just achieve their amazing resort style spaces. We have a very particular process that we have developed over the course of many years and decades of experience that is forever being honed to provide the best services for our clients and ultimately the best final projects. 

At this point. You might be wondering, how do I begin my journey to achieve resort style living at my luxury home? Well if you haven’t gotten our starting guide, that is the place to start. Go right now and follow this link and you will receive an exclusive starting guide right to your email inbox. That starting guide is critical to help start the conversation and start understanding how we can make your dreams of your very own resort exteriors come true. It includes photos and examples and some narratives on some projects we have done for existing clients as well as budgets which will help start to get some communication going on that part then it also has a Frequently Asked Questions section which covers all sorts of questions that I get on a regular basis especially as we start to discuss new projects with new clients. If you’ll notice at the very bottom of that starting guide, we have a link that link will allow you to schedule a one on one intro call with me which is the very first part of our engaged process. That intro call is critical to understanding who you are, what your goals are, and really start to get the ideas flowing for how we can create these amazing resort style exteriors for your very own home. I am beyond excited that you have decided to take your first steps to achieve resort style living at your home for you and your family. I hope to see you on our intro call where we can start to communicate and get to know each other but until then, please take a look at our other videos that will cover everything from processes to techniques, our company and how we create amazing spaces for our clients. I’ll see you then.