ILLI Intensive Course Fall 2023


These are images that Kellan took while serving as a support mentor at the International Landscape Lighting Institute Fall 2023 Intensive Course. Each of the three groups had an area where they were challenged to design and implement lighting in a way to create depth, layers, and beauty. This IC’s site was the Mercer Botanic Gardens in Houston, Texas who so graciously let ILLI take over portions of the gardens so that we could train and put our skills to work.

While Kellan often serves as a Lead Mentor, this year his role was to help with lectures, social media, and design/install the lighting for the connective spaces between the area. He hopes to be a lead again in Spring of 2024 in Oklahoma.

At the end of the course, all the fixtures and infrastructure is removed and the site is returned to its previous state. ILLI does however provide detailed design plans should the various hosts decide to install the lighting permanantly.

Scroll through to see some of the beautiful creations that our attendees and mentors came up with!