Whether soft or spectacular, every lightscape shines bright.

While our Land and Water elements are designed to impress round the clock, it’s Light that’s owned by the night. Lighting doubles the amount of time to enjoy any outdoor space, and provides safety, security, and, of course, beauty to any exterior. With client schedules often busy during the day, a greater emphasis is put on the nighttime experience, and we ensure an outdoor space that’s the perfect wind down from work. 

Every one of our designers and installers is highly trained in the design, installation, and adjustment of outdoor lighting. By using dozens of techniques, products, and technologies to help create majestic lightscapes, we build special recesses, coves and glare shields into our Land and Water projects to allow particular uses of light in a way that eliminates glare and creates a wealth of beauty throughout the evening hours.

There is no greater tool than lighting to play against a setting sun.

From recessed to refracted, colored to cascading, our lightning design brings life into focus. Our Light services include:

  • Exterior architectural lighting of residences, hardscapes, signage
  • Landscape lighting including specimen and heritage trees
  • Moonlighting and other high-elevation installations
  • Linear lighting specification and installation
  • Lighting controls to allow dimming and adjustment
  • Special effects such as projections and color change
  • Pool lighting specification and installation
  • Interactive options for fully immersive experiences

Exterior architectural lighting

Landscape lighting


Lighting control


If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space at your private estate, we’d love to talk with you.