When We Renovate, We Elevate

The existing landscape was poorly designed and installed, leading to a host of maintenance and aesthetic issues. We were asked by the client to take his builder-grade landscape in the West Austin area and make it “incredible.” That we did.

Design-Build: Land

We elevated the aesthetic with completely new landscape planting areas to new stone walkways and patio spaces. A circular fire pit area combines the modern/contemporary architectural style with the Texas Hill Country. Lastly, we cleaned and improved bed areas along the pool.

Design-Build: Water

We renovated a failing stream bed water feature by importing large limestone boulders, rebuilding the hydraulics, adjusting the liner and providing border plantings We also completely renovated the irrigation system and rebuilt drainage systems to reduce pooling and erosion issues.

Design-Build: Light

We designed and installed an extensive lighting system, using portions of the existing lighting infrastructure.



If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space at your private estate, we’d love to talk with you.