For the Love of England and Dogs

After falling in love with the countryside and classic manors of England, our Central Texas-based clients wanted to recreate that aesthetic at home. Being avid dog lovers, they required that all plant materials and design elements be completely safe for their four-legged family members. This led to quite a challenge as many of the classic English plantings are toxic to dogs.

In the end, this expansive English-style estate resembles something out of a fairytale with its rolling green hills, decorative iron work and old-world style masonry.

UK Landscape, Texas Limestone

When creating the design for Wentworth, we knew that every detail had to exude the feeling of a centuries-old England. Expansive Zoysia lawns became a canvas of rolling green hills. We designed and installed massive retaining walls with random field stone to look as if old-world stones were placed like cobble. To refine the design, a series of niches were created with herringbone Lueder stone as a contrast to the rough wall textures. 

A Beautiful ‘Birdcage’

We designed and installed custom ironwork for railings, fences and most iconically, a completely custom iron gazebo structure within the pool garden nicknamed the “Birdcage”. The Birdcage served as a hub for the various paths between the house, guest house and pool areas.

Wentworth Day Photo 1
Wentworth Day Photo 2

Plant Adaptations and Water Irrigation

We used a multitude of native and adapted Texas plantings to create much of the same look as an English estate with better longevity for the Texas climate. Each plant was carefully cross-referenced with lists of plants with known toxicity to dogs to ensure pet safety for our clients. 

To support the water requirements for the property we designed and installed a complete water system with 30,000 gallons of storage and a water-efficient irrigation system to keep things healthy.

Rich and Immersive Lighting

We knew that the lighting needed to completely transform the atmosphere of the project at night. Using motion and interaction we created lighting that balanced beauty with motion and interaction. 

Using a series of lighting control systems, we  animated  various areas to create flickering fire within the niches of the retaining walls, adding dynamic, warm lighting to bathe the pool and dog run areas. 

In addition, as you step under our iron gazebo, a ring of firelight springs to life, swirling around the edges. Eventually, the light fades out to make way for the moonlit projection of the gazebo roof casting its shadow on the garden floor. 

Award-Winning Collaboration

Wentworth has been the recipient of numerous design and construction awards within the state of Texas. We could not be more proud to have been a part in its creation and are thankful for our amazing clients that made it possible.



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