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ART HOUSE Night Mode The Fine Art of Lighting While the majority of our lighting work involves the exterior of the home, we love working on special lighting projects for our clients. Sculptural and fine art lighting has become one of the mainstays of our lighting work. Breathing New Life Into ART Through our combination of experience, hands-on design, archival-grade lighting and custom controls, the art is given new life and vibrancy through achieving the artist’s vision with delicacy and grace. Each piece of carefully measured, studied, and considered when we create our approach. Our goal is is to treat the lighting with the same respect and art as the piece itself – no matter what the medium. We work with a carefully selected team to ensure that we preserve the health of each piece throughout the design and construction process. Below are some samples of some of the work we have done for our wonderful clients. See more PORTFOLIOS Back to Portfolio GET IN TOUCH If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space at your private estate, we’d love to talk with you. Contact Us


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WENTWORTH Night Mode For the Love of England and Dogs After falling in love with the countryside and classic manors of England, our Central Texas-based clients wanted to recreate that aesthetic at home. Being avid dog lovers, they required that all plant materials and design elements be completely safe for their four-legged family members. This led to quite a challenge as many of the classic English plantings are toxic to dogs. In the end, this expansive English-style estate resembles something out of a fairytale with its rolling green hills, decorative iron work and old-world style masonry. UK Landscape, Texas Limestone When creating the design for Wentworth, we knew that every detail had to exude the feeling of a centuries-old England. Expansive Zoysia lawns became a canvas of rolling green hills. We designed and installed massive retaining walls with random field stone to look as if old-world stones were placed like cobble. To refine the design, a series of niches were created with herringbone Lueder stone as a contrast to the rough wall textures.  A Beautiful ‘Birdcage’ We designed and installed custom ironwork for railings, fences and most iconically, a completely custom iron gazebo structure within the pool garden nicknamed the “Birdcage”. The Birdcage served as a hub for the various paths between the house, guest house and pool areas. Plant Adaptations and Water Irrigation We used a multitude of native and adapted Texas plantings to create much of the same look as an English estate with better longevity for the Texas climate. Each plant was carefully cross-referenced with lists of plants with known toxicity to dogs to ensure pet safety for our clients.  To support the water requirements for the property we designed and installed a complete water system with 30,000 gallons of storage and a water-efficient irrigation system to keep things healthy. Rich and Immersive Lighting We knew that the lighting needed to completely transform the atmosphere of the project at night. Using motion and interaction we created lighting that balanced beauty with motion and interaction.  Using a series of lighting control systems, we  animated  various areas to create flickering fire within the niches of the retaining walls, adding dynamic, warm lighting to bathe the pool and dog run areas.  In addition, as you step under our iron gazebo, a ring of firelight springs to life, swirling around the edges. Eventually, the light fades out to make way for the moonlit projection of the gazebo roof casting its shadow on the garden floor.  Award-Winning Collaboration Wentworth has been the recipient of numerous design and construction awards within the state of Texas. We could not be more proud to have been a part in its creation and are thankful for our amazing clients that made it possible. See more PORTFOLIOS Back to Portfolio GET IN TOUCH If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space at your private estate, we’d love to talk with you. Contact Us


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WOODED CRAFTSMAN Night Mode An Expression of Utility and Creativity This Craftsman-style home resides in the wooded hills of West Austin. The area is largely dark with little ambient light in the evening hours. Our client’s initial concerns were safety and security, but also to increase the beauty at the entry at night. We decided to use a mix of accents and moonlighting to create a delicate low-level lighting design. A Beacon of Light As a primary accent for our lighting design we chose the gated archway along the main path. We used a series of in-grade fixtures to provide a beacon at night as guests moved along the path. To enhance this focal point we used uplighting on the main trees within the area. These trees help frame the view through this space with an almost tunnel-like quality. Setting the Mood with Moonlighting To tie everything together, a series of ring fixtures (pendants) provided moonlighting throughout the area. This provides a soft low-level of ambient light to increase visibility and add to the dreamy atmosphere at night. See more PORTFOLIOS Back to Portfolio GET IN TOUCH If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space at your private estate, we’d love to talk with you. Contact Us


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Bocce Venue Night Mode A Home for Entertaining Day or Night Entertainment and fun were the focus for this rental venue’s backyard in the downtown area. It not only needed to be functional for small to medium groups, but beautiful as well. Overall, this venue’s landscape provides an intimate and inviting space to entertain, at any time. Elevated Yet Inviting Play Areas One of the first elements we designed was a bocce ball/washers area along one of the narrow sides of the house. This made use of an area that would likely only function as a passageway.  We also designed the areas surrounding the pool, placing planting, stairways, paths and aesthetic elements, such as large urns, to help promote the overall image of the property. Lighting for Nighttime Fun Another goal of the project was to create a nighttime atmosphere through lighting that promoted a fun, eclectic yet high-end look.  A mixture of line voltage and low voltage lighting, plus combining various techniques, created a playful yet stylish ambiance. Bistro lights were strung on cabling to provide ambient light as well as a bit of “Austin style” to the bocce ball area.  For a main focal wall at the pool we used a mixture of wall grazing accent uplighting along the rear wall.  See more PORTFOLIOS Back to Portfolio GET IN TOUCH If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space at your private estate, we’d love to talk with you. Contact Us


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LIVE OAK Night Mode Lighting Austin’s Majestic Trees We had the opportunity to provide outdoor lighting for a stand of heritage live oak trees in downtown Austin. These glorious trees likely predate the 1930s home that now appears nestled between them. Storybook Scenery To create the scene, the underside of the tree branches and canopy were lit with warm white uplighting while using cooler downlighting to provide a moonlit night effect. This combination of “moonlight” and warmer accents gives a fairytale-like look to the project, providing perfect lighting to the space. Reducing Glare As with all of our projects, special care was taken in reducing the amount of glare seen from key areas to avoid distraction. After all of the fixtures were installed, we returned at night to make final adjustments in the lighting’s direction, brightness and glare control. See more PORTFOLIOS Back to Portfolio GET IN TOUCH If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space at your private estate, we’d love to talk with you. Contact Us


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LAKE BUNGALOW Night Mode Mid-Century Modern Charm For the lighting of this unique mid-century modern bungalow on Lake Austin, we approached the site from multiple angles.  An intimate Ambience Given the rather low amounts of ambient light in the area, we tried to minimize over illuminating the property by using a more intimate design approach. Form and Function The first lighting goal involved creating a functional space not only during the day but in the night as well. We employed many path lights to guide guests around the property and embedded stainless steel wall lights. Visually Dynamic Our second lighting goal was to highlight the landscape features and create dynamic interest beyond what can be seen during the day. The circle area along the side of the house glows seemingly all by itself among the dark basalt, giving a pop of color for nighttime visitors. See more PORTFOLIOS Back to Portfolio GET IN TOUCH If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space at your private estate, we’d love to talk with you. Contact Us


HACIENDA Night Mode A Modern Landscape for a Spanish-Style Home Hacienda represents how strong design and execution can create an experience within a small space. When our clients first contacted us, they had an idea of what features they liked, but were lost on how to tie everything together. Through our conversations, we arrived at the fact that although they desired an entry that looked beautiful, the feel of the space was equally as important. Creating a Transitional Space The home rests at the bottom of a steep slope with soaring live oaks. The front door itself had the tendency to get lost visually among the various trees, textures and patterns. More importantly, there was no sense of transition between the driveway and the home itself.  As we progressed through our design process, we knew creating a sense of place and a transitional space were at the heart of our decisions. Tradition Meets Contemporary Using leftover tile and stone from the construction  of the house, we provided a sense of continuity into the new work. While the overall style and materials were consistent with Mission-style architecture, the home displayed contemporary windows, doors and pergola structures. To complement these features, we designed the entry using contemporary shapes and textures while maintaining the traditional Hacienda materials. The oversized concrete urns used throughout the project are a terrific example of blending the traditional and contemporary design elements while providing structure to the entry. Asymmetrical and Warm Lighting In addition, we designed and installed a renovation for the existing outdoor lighting. Upon seeing the rear fountain courtyard we knew we had to nail the lighting in order to do the space justice. Instead of simply lighting the inside we wanted to get the details on the outside to “pop” as well. We used a warm light temperature inside the main basin to create an inviting glow. In the upper bowl we used a cooler color to help create some contrast. Asymmetrical lighting creates drama and shows the carving details on the exterior. Miniature fixtures around the perimeter of the courtyard provided moonlighting through the center. In the front entry we created a background by bathing Hacienda’s walls in warm light, excluding the garage. This forces a visitor to nearly ignore the garage itself, changing the perception of the home at night. The water feature, palms, and urns were all accent lighted in various ways. We installed various downlight fixtures throughout the tall oak trees on the property. This moonlight effect helped provide security lighting to the parking areas as well as playful shadows throughout the property. See more PORTFOLIOS Back to Portfolio GET IN TOUCH If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space at your private estate, we’d love to talk with you. Contact Us


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LADY BIRD Night Mode A Residential Park Fit for a First Lady This charming park project was for a client who purchased property next door to her home, to create a secluded park area to entertain, relax and reflect. Wildflower Influences The site itself backed against a natural dry creek bed, which helped define the space. By using the natural stone outcroppings, existing large oak trees and wooded backdrop, we created a natural park area with influences from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Seating and Sculptures A vine-covered archway welcomes you into the garden. Emerging from the arch, visitors quickly see the large pergola covered with orange blooms. Several seating areas are located along the pathways and sculptures provided by the clients are hidden throughout, adding surprise and interest to the garden. Native plantings abound with immense seasonal changes – blooming trees in early spring, flowers through spring and summer, and blooming grasses in the fall. After over 15 years since initial installation, the irrigation system needed an upgrade. We converted the majority of the irrigation system to drip and micro irrigation to help reduce wasted water and provide better water delivery to each plant. ‘Layers’ of Lighting Several years after the initial project, we were invited to design the park’s lighting. Over the years the park had become lush and beautiful with a large variety of plant and wildlife species. This gave us the opportunity to create “layers” with the lighting. We chose the central red oak trees and sitting areas as the primary focal points. The pergola itself was lit from underneath with wash lights, creating a reflected cove look and a soft glow on the granite. We used 22 fixtures to light from the back the large live oak, the owners’ pride and joy. Moonlighting illuminated pathways and tied the various features together. Lastly, we used a combination of spot lights to illuminate a prized bronze deer sculpture to welcome all who visit. See more PORTFOLIOS Back to Portfolio GET IN TOUCH If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space at your private estate, we’d love to talk with you. Contact Us


TREEHOUSE TERRACE Night Mode A Home High Above the Treetops Perched on a limestone ledge between two ravines, the modern and stylish home had the feel of a luxurious tree house. Every room throughout the floor plan had vistas from far above the ground to the lush grasses and Lake Austin below. As a result, the views from above became one of the primary goals for the design. Enhancing natural Features At the entry of the home, the architect designed a stunning sculptural screen spanning the front windows. To accentuate this bold feature we chose to create a monolithic-looking water fountain with sheeting water all the way around its surface. A Japanese Maple flanks the front door, providing color and soft foliage against the house architecture. Working with Steep Slopes The ravine was enhanced through the rearrangement of massive limestone boulders along its banks, reducing erosion and providing a beautiful natural feature to be viewed from the living room. Steep, rocky slopes made designing and installing the cliffside walkways and stairs a challenge. While much of the design was created before construction, our design team spent days on site adjusting the design to maintain the treetop experience throughout the walkway. The numerous stairs and walkways encircling the house were formed and poured along the cliffside. Rectangular Lueder stones were then set throughout to create a continuous path between the various outdoor spaces. Designing the Back Hillside Terraces The primary suite had a view directly down into this area where nothing but grass was planned to minimize erosion. Our vision for this space was to build a series of limestone walls cascading down the hillside. This modern hanging garden featured overflowing, colorful plantings as well as various mulch textures to create an expansive, illustrative view from all angles. A naturalistic fire pit area nestled within the rocky outcroppings along the canal created a beautiful place to relax and entertain within nature. The experience of compression and expansion keeps visitors engaged with the built and natural landscape as they move through the spaces. Patterns of Light from Day 
to Night Atypical Angles. The large amount of hardscape and infrastructure elements were a challenge for the lighting design; careful planning and forethought was critical. Due to the cliffside location of the house itself, we also had to take into account atypical viewing angles. Architectural Focal Points We focused on architectural focal points throughout the property. The key features in the front of the home were the dramatic steel screen wall and water structure. The steel screen was a challenging feature to illuminate. Our solution was to use 27 in-grade fixtures and core drill them into the caps between each screen. This allowed us to “hit” the steel pieces with enough intensity to get them to glow. To avoid uneven lighting on the stone wall, we used a special linear light with a custom welded edge. The water feature itself was lit with more linear light creating a consistent pattern throughout. Horizontal Lighting Solution Perhaps the most challenging portion of the outdoor lighting design was our new terraces along the back portion of the house. Downlights from high elevations are common, but with no trees or mounting points available, we had to get creative. After brainstorming with our lighting team, we came up with a novel solution: Wall wash lights were mounted horizontally along each terrace wall, which not only lit the walls from the top down, but also cast a wide glow on each bed. While challenging to execute, the results were exactly what we wanted to create. See more PORTFOLIOS Back to Portfolio GET IN TOUCH If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space at your private estate, we’d love to talk with you. Contact Us


TASTE OF ITALIA Night Mode A Dream Fulfilled A client’s dream to feel like they were in Italy when they looked out their windows or stood on their balconies was challenged by erosion and flooding. Equal Parts Challenge and Excitement The Garden project involved a spec home in the West Lake area that was constructed with incredible views and details yet little effort was put into the landscape. The land had a very steep slope, dropping over one hundred feet. The strip of land originally featured a dry creek that was filled during the construction. This created severe erosion and flooding issues for the property and neighbors. Fruits and Flowers In conversations with our clients, their desire was to have a beautiful villa garden complete with fruiting and flowering plants. In order to mirror the Italian countryside, terracing was imperative for treating the erosion and flooding issues. With only seventy feet of impervious hardscape available, we needed a way to create the structure of the garden. What’s Old is New Again The answers lied in old Texas Hill Country farming techniques. A series of berm rows down the face of the hill catch and retain water from the hill above. Trellis-trained fruit trees, grape vines, and berries in each berm create a vineyard effect. Additional plantings retain the steep slopes and minimize erosion while welded steel frameworks formed terraces and stairs. Finally, we designed a custom water feature in the shape and position of a deep channel that once existed within the dry creek. For more details, watch this episode of Austin PBS’ Central Texas Gardener. See more PORTFOLIOS Back to Portfolio GET IN TOUCH If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space at your private estate, we’d love to talk with you. Contact Us