Big Elements Light Up a Small Space

Our Fireside project exemplifies the thought that “big things come in small packages.” This compact space was a joyous combination of challenges that resulted in something inventive and eye-catching. 

Our client for this project approached us wanting to replace an old water feature that had long since fallen apart. She wanted something that was beautiful, striking and modern.

A ‘Steel’ of a Challenge

The idea of steel was thrown out early in the conversation. While steel is typically a poor material choice around wet environments, as we continued the discussion we decided to explore the opportunity of the challenge.

Fireside Photo 1
Fireside Photo 3

Design-Build: Water

We renovated a failing stream bed water feature by importing large limestone boulders, rebuilding the hydraulics, adjusting the liner and providing border plantings We also completely renovated the irrigation system and rebuilt drainage systems to reduce pooling and erosion issues.

Design-Build: Light

We designed and installed an extensive lighting system, using portions of the existing lighting infrastructure.



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