An element of renewal, relaxation, fun and flow.

Water features are included in nearly every project we design and build. Water stimulates the senses and elicits enjoyment: A breathtaking waterfall. The coolness of a perfect plunging pool. The soundscape of a softly lit fountain.

Pools are often a multi-purpose hub, creating a centering point for outdoor living, recreation, peace and beauty. Water features, using light-play, provide a romantic ambiance to smaller, more intimate areas. On a larger scale, we create multi-acre ponds on large estates and ranches to provide what we call “augmented nature.” All of these experiences and more we create and love to provide our clients. 

The use of water is essential in the art of outdoor living.

We simultaneously serve the aesthetic, functional, and structural aspects of water features, working with land grading and elevations as well as properly integrating light-play. Our Water services include:

  • Pool design
  • Site-built pool construction
  • Prefabricated pool construction
  • Arroyos and streambed features
  • Natural waterfalls and pools
  • Architectural fountains and water features
  • Pond construction and augmentation

Pool design

Arroyos and streambed features

Site-built pool construction

Architectural fountains and water features


If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space at your private estate, we’d love to talk with you.