A Residential Park Fit for a First Lady

This charming park project was for a client who purchased property next door to her home, to create a secluded park area to entertain, relax and reflect.

Wildflower Influences

The site itself backed against a natural dry creek bed, which helped define the space. By using the natural stone outcroppings, existing large oak trees and wooded backdrop, we created a natural park area with influences from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Lady Bird Day Photo 2

Seating and Sculptures

A vine-covered archway welcomes you into the garden. Emerging from the arch, visitors quickly see the large pergola covered with orange blooms. Several seating areas are located along the pathways and sculptures provided by the clients are hidden throughout, adding surprise and interest to the garden. Native plantings abound with immense seasonal changes – blooming trees in early spring, flowers through spring and summer, and blooming grasses in the fall. 

After over 15 years since initial installation, the irrigation system needed an upgrade. We converted the majority of the irrigation system to drip and micro irrigation to help reduce wasted water and provide better water delivery to each plant.

‘Layers’ of Lighting

Several years after the initial project, we were invited to design the park’s lighting. 

Over the years the park had become lush and beautiful with a large variety of plant and wildlife species. This gave us the opportunity to create “layers” with the lighting. 

We chose the central red oak trees and sitting areas as the primary focal points. The pergola itself was lit from underneath with wash lights, creating a reflected cove look and a soft glow on the granite. We used 22 fixtures to light from the back the large live oak, the owners’ pride and joy. Moonlighting illuminated pathways and tied the various features together. Lastly, we used a combination of spot lights to illuminate a prized bronze deer sculpture to welcome all who visit.



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