Evolving a Tuscan-Inspired Villa 

Decades after an Italian renaissance in the Austin area, our client wanted a change in aesthetic without a complete renovation. 

When a Trend is Past Its Prime

Making outdoor spaces attractive is simple. Making them feel different is more challenging. San Matteo was one of those challenges. In the 1990s, Austin, Texas, experienced a surge of Italian and Tuscan architecture, especially within the high-end residential market. Two decades later, the style fell out of favor compared to more contemporary and modern homes. Unfortunately, the heavy ornamentation, tile roofs, and millwork details make converting these Italian-inspired homes to modern architecture nearly impossible.

San Mateo Photo 2
San Mateo Photo 3

Creating Space to Breathe

Instead of focusing on converting the home to a modern one, we decided to change the feel of the space itself. 

To begin, the cast stone, multi-tiered fountain that originally resided in the middle of the circular driveway was removed to eliminate the Tuscan design cue that it embodied. A series of modern urns and bollard light fixtures added contemporary elements without clashing. This opened up the motor court space visually, creating a better focus on the front door rather than the large fountain blocking the entire entry.

A Lush Landscape

Manicured hedges and redesigned beds created layers within the planting areas to add seasonal color and structure throughout the property. The experience within the space evolved from a dated, functional landscape to a lush, modernized villa garden for our client.



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