A Dream Fulfilled

A client’s dream to feel like they were in Italy when they looked out their windows or stood on their balconies was challenged by erosion and flooding.

Equal Parts Challenge and Excitement

The Garden project involved a spec home in the West Lake area that was constructed with incredible views and details yet little effort was put into the landscape. The land had a very steep slope, dropping over one hundred feet. The strip of land originally featured a dry creek that was filled during the construction. This created severe erosion and flooding issues for the property and neighbors.

Fruits and Flowers

In conversations with our clients, their desire was to have a beautiful villa garden complete with fruiting and flowering plants. In order to mirror the Italian countryside, terracing was imperative for treating the erosion and flooding issues. With only seventy feet of impervious hardscape available, we needed a way to create the structure of the garden.

What’s Old is New Again

The answers lied in old Texas Hill Country farming techniques. A series of berm rows down the face of the hill catch and retain water from the hill above. Trellis-trained fruit trees, grape vines, and berries in each berm create a vineyard effect. Additional plantings retain the steep slopes and minimize erosion while welded steel frameworks formed terraces and stairs. Finally, we designed a custom water feature in the shape and position of a deep channel that once existed within the dry creek.

For more details, watch this episode of Austin PBS’ Central Texas Gardener.



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