A Small Courtyard That Goes Well Beyond Cute

While many of our projects involve large open spaces, we love when we get a project that is the opposite.

A Cozy Challenge

Small spaces can be very difficult to design for a number of reasons, including minimum requirements for pathways, furniture, living spaces and plant material. It is also easy to make these small spaces too visually busy or “tight,” giving the space a claustrophobic feel.

An Entertainment Oasis

We designed new raised planters which tie into a cast stone fountain along with individual entertainment spaces surrounding a tiled fireplace and topiary trees. An outdoor kitchen was created to provide an area to entertain and serve guests.

Magnificent Magnolias

One of the most unique features of this courtyard was the use of espalier magnolia trees. Espalier is a tree training technique that involves growing trees flat along a wall using cables. This was originally used in monasteries to grow fruit trees in small spaces. In this case, we used them to break up the large expanses of wall and create a fully lush experience.



If you are looking to create a unique outdoor space at your private estate, we’d love to talk with you.