Lighting Austin’s Majestic Trees

We had the opportunity to provide outdoor lighting for a stand of heritage live oak trees in downtown Austin. These glorious trees likely predate the 1930s home that now appears nestled between them.

Storybook Scenery

To create the scene, the underside of the tree branches and canopy were lit with warm white uplighting while using cooler downlighting to provide a moonlit night effect. This combination of “moonlight” and warmer accents gives a fairytale-like look to the project, providing perfect lighting to the space.

Live Oak Photo 3

Reducing Glare

As with all of our projects, special care was taken in reducing the amount of glare seen from key areas to avoid distraction. After all of the fixtures were installed, we returned at night to make final adjustments in the lighting’s direction, brightness and glare control. 



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